Thursday, 19 November 2015

What are you doing?

Drive down the road, you're in a rush! As best you try to avoid this, sometimes things just get out of hand. And you're late!

What's the hold-up? It's an old person who can barely walk, crossing the road.

You cope by taking a moment to reflect... to step back a few steps, mentally, and imagine yourself, at that age. 

That old person is you.

In the car, someone, clearly impatient, is waiting for you to cross.

While you're crossing the street, walking, you're not even thinking. It's only your subconscious barely reflecting back on your life. But for a moment, in a flash of clarity, you see the car... and the impatient person inside... you think of the person in the car, waiting for you... and you see your younger self, also once so impatient... in that car... so impatient...

And for another brief flash you reflect on your own life.

The person in that car is probably not much different from you, 50 years ago; similar plans, dreams, aspirations, hopes, commitments and problems...  in another economy, one that your generation left behind, one that you formed part of and tried to help shape...  yet, all things considered, one that even the greatest, most influential figures of your time barely managed to affect, despite their greatest efforts. 

Yes, you think... "we might have built statues and roads..." - But was it worth it? Is it really better now? Or did we only make ourselves feel good about ourselves? In all our accomplishments, did we really accomplish anything? Wasn't the world supposed to be better by now?

Yet... that person in that car sure doesn't look pleased. In fact... I'm sure my memory is not that foggy. I'm sure I was a little less antsy when I was that age...

- - -

If you had to disappear tomorrow, the world will carry on. 

What will you be remembered for, by people just like you. What do you remember other people for?

How many friends or loved ones have you lost and what do you remember of them? 

What have they left behind for you? Not exactly what you wanted? Not everyone wants the same things as you, and we seldom know ourselves well enough in order to be able to tell others what we want or need, so asking is often pointless.

One thing is certain, if you don't know what those who matter most to you really want, you had better start paying attention - and often what they do for you, is what they want.

If what they do for you is really not what they want, then chances are they're the smart ones and it's safe to ask them directly what they want - in which case all you have to do is to listen - listen carefully - and remember! Make notes if you have to. 

Remember it, when things get hecktic - in the thick of things!

Because that's when things get hecktic - when you forget, and that is when you need to remember it most!

You have to consider that - maybe the future is now. Maybe the human condition will never change, no matter what you do, new challenges will come up and and while the means and circumstances may change, the challenges of people and their reactions may not, unless we managed to overcome our innate belief that life is about us.

Life is about us paying attention, and listening... and not jumping to conclusions or solving problems that don't need solving... or that might have been solved ages ago, but because we think we know better, we still haven't gotten the memo.

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