Sunday, 1 July 2012

*sarcasm* Cybersquatting calculator: great return on investment!

Say you squat 100 domains. This will cost you R5k per year.

Legal processes for applicants to get those domains back will cost whoever wants them R24k+.

It's thus safe to assume that you can comfortably sell each domain for R20k. Argument's sake, lets say you're a "nice" cybersquatter of "premium" domains - so you sell them for R10k each.

Out of 100, you only need to sell 1 every 2 years to break even. If you choose your names well, you can easily sell 13 a year. Guess what? That's a nice salary of R10k monthly in your pocket for the effort of exchanging a few emails. If you're smart you can easily earn R50k a month like this.


Why is it legal for anyone to register multiple domains solely to resell them?

Why is it legal for anyone to register a domain and not use it - ie why is there no "use-it or lose-it" policy?

Why are we wasting the precious time of lawyers with this bull, when they can be fighting real crime?

We have all the technology in our hands to solve this. A simple process where a panel of ISPs have 51% of the say, in light of a 49% say at the hands of a facebook authenticated vote on a case, can solve each instance for less than the R50 yearly that registration requires.

Why do we allow squatters in cyberspace?

Are you a cybersquatter? Do you think it's a justified business model? Are you proud of your entrepreneurial savvy?

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